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Coffee (regular, espresso, cappuccino, instant, frappe, Greek coffee) / Tea / Milk (Low Fat and Regular) / Natural Juices (orange, grape fruit or other selections) / Corn flakes and Oatmeal / Fresh and Toasted bread (slices) / Butter / Jelly-Marmalade / Chocolate spread/ Greek Honey / Greek Yogurt / Eggs (omelet, sunny, poached, scrambled) Cake, Croissants, Fruits in season


Appetizers: “Greek Tzatziki” strained yogurt with cucumber, minced garlic and virgin olive oil
Salad: Green salad with fresh spinach, croutons, trimmed goat cheese and orange vinaigrette 
Main Courses: ”Moussaka” sweet eggplants layered with potatoes and creamy béchamel sauce                                                                                             
Dessert: ”Baklava” honey-soaked layers of crunchy phyllo dough filled with spiced walnuts and pistachios

Appetizers: “Melitzanosalata” smoky purple eggplants dip
Salad: Greek salad with tomato, cucumber, pepper, olives, red onion, caper and feta cheese
Main Courses: Roasted lamb with rosemary, lemon and mustard served with baked potatoes
Dessert: “Rizogalo” rice and milk pudding with vanilla extract and lemon zest

Appetizer: “Tyropita” small cheese pies with Greek feta cheese, eggs and yogurt
Salad: Tossed romaine lettuce tomato and radish with virgin olive oil and fig balsamic vinegar
Main Course: Greek “Yemista” baked tomatoes and green bell peppers stuffed with a mixture of rice, chopped vegetables and fresh herbs
Dessert: “Chocolate Tahini Halva” sesame seeds paste with honey and chocolate

Appetizer: “Dolmadakia” summer vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs
Salad: “Cretan Dakos” barley rusks with fresh pomodoro tomatoes, feta cheese and black olives
Main Course: Greek “Beeftekia” grilled beef patties served with Artichokes a la Polita
Dessert: Bergamot spoon sweet and almonds served with soft vanilla ice-cream or Greek yogurt

Appetizer: “Gavros” lemon marinated raw anchovies with garlic and parsley
Salad: Tuna salad
Main Course: Shrimps “saghanaki” cooked in tomato sauce with Greek Ouzo, feta cheese and fresh basil served with orzo pasta
Dessert: Creamy panna cotta served with strawberry sauce

Appetizer: “Spanakopita” traditional pie with spinach, leafy greens, herbs and feta cheese
Salad: Boiled fresh vegetables with oregano, virgin olive oil and fresh lemon juice     
Main Course: Chicken fillet with colored bell peppers, caramelized onions, corn and
sweet-sour sauce served with basmati rice
Dessert: “Bougatsa” sweet pie with vanilla custard, ground sugar and cinnamon


Appetizer: “Tyrokafteri” feta cheese spicy dip with red chilies
Salad: Beetroot salad with Greek yogurt
Main Course: “Pastitsio” Greek lasagna dish with cooked minced meat and béchamel topping with nutmeg and cheese                                                                                                                           
Dessert: Greek semolina halva

Appetizer: “Taramosalata” fish roe dip
Salad: Steamed mixed vegetables
Main Course: Honey Mustard Glazed Salmon
Dessert: Greek yogurt with thyme honey, walnuts and cinnamon

We can also prepare for you a variety of dishes according to your preference. This is only an indicative list to which you have the flexibility to choose and combine whatever you would like to taste.



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